Why GagtheSwag ?

A full-on environmental crisis that we can help solve!

Walk into any conference – and what’s the first thing you see? Vendor tables piled with swag: all around us a sea of stuff we have no real need for: tote bags, pens, badges, foam toys of unclear function. Stacks of re-usable water bottles destined for landfill and oversized, clunky USB drives, and more… usually produced by low-wage factory workers who endure long hours, often in unsafe conditions that perpetuate the cycle of poverty.  

Vendors purchase this stuff in the hopes it will help attract a buyer to their booth – and buyers take it because … well – it’s there! But in the Enterprise B2B world, no one makes purchasing decisions based on the swag effect.

So let’s #gagtheswag! If, as a vendor you need to provide a reminder of your company – offer e-gift cards, make donations to charity, provide free trials of your service – or just put more resources into recruiting and developing your booth staff to make sure they deliver a compelling, and truly great demo. Because, as this Fast Company article put it last year, “we’re facing a full-on environmental crisis”, and the billions of dollars worth of conference swag produced (and then discarded) every year is only making the problem worse.